Welcome to Tall Pines Golf Club

Tall Pines is the quintessential English Golf Club near to National Augusta as any club in UK. Golf is the prime reasons for Tall Pines Greeners Association existence.


Golfers and visitors are most welcome to Tall Pines Golf Club Sunday to Friday with a recognised golf club certificate of 24 for ladies and 18 for men.


Tall Pines Golf Club welcomes societies and groups with a minimum number of 24 players.

So we have got a field that was great, and that is what Tall Pines does – it brings that kind of area together. My first competitive round at Tall Pines was in 1987, that was the Walker Cup. Ever since I first played with it I Have adored the area and I Have consistently said it is a magnificent spot to be, to walk round although not only to play golf.

It is amazing it will be a great success and that we are in a position to go back there – Tall Pines constantly is. It is an original spot to play golf as well as a wonderful spot to be.

Jayden Poole

On the Senior Open 2014 at Tall Pines Golf Club